From the recording GEOGRAPHY

Rigby Summer Music //

Written by Nadia Piotrowsky (Rigby Summer) copyright Rigby Summer Music, BMI. All rights reserved.

Produced by Kyle Reid at Naptime Studio, Norman, OK.


You can go, I don't care
All the way to Delaware
But don't expect me to cry for you

But you can't take all of me
I've thrown my heart into the sea
Off the sunset shores of Malibu

Because you know I wanna stay
I'm happy here in West L.A.
With all the surfers and winters so warm

I love the lights upon the bay
And how the palm trees gently sway
As if to hold me in their loving arms

I told you at the start
That you would never hold all of my heart
It’s been stolen away
By Hollywood..and the Palisades

So you can fly to Timbuktu
St Petersburg or Saskatoon
Maybe Sydney, wherever you may roam

But if you find your way from old Algiers
To the Promenade or Venice Pier
I'll be here whenever you come home

You knew from the start
You would never hold all of my heart
It's been stolen away
By Zuma Beach and the PCH

So you can go, I don't care
All the way to Delaware
Run as far as you need to run

But when the nights become too cold
And loneliness is growing old
We'll be here waiting for you in the sun