SWEET!  Here's how It works:

1) You host or co-host a private acoustic concert in your home (or someone else’s home) or a public venue that you rent out for the private event. I've played community centers, backyards, living rooms, church halls--the sky's the limit!

2) You invite your friends and with the expectation of at least $20 contribution per adult. A minimum of 15 RSVPs is required. 

 Got more questions?  Check out my Private Concert FAQs!

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Private Concert FAQs

What is a private concert? 

Sometimes called a House Concert, this is a live show, but instead of being in a crowded concert venue, bar, club, coffee house, etc., it’s usually in someone’s home. Typically, it’s an acoustic performance. In other words, I perform unplugged—just me and my guitar. For larger concerts (more than 50 people) or backyard events, I may bring a P.A. sound system. Unless touring with my band, these shows are performed solo.  

This is meant for my music to be the centerpiece of the evening and not background or mood music for a party or event.  Think of it like hosting a movie night, but instead of watching a movie with your friends, you will listen to my live performance of story-telling and song.


What are the benefits of a private concert? 

The greatest benefit is the beautiful and intimate experience we will create together in your space. You and your guests will enjoy the inspiration and stories behind many of my songs and get a more personal picture of my artist life than you may get from attending a bar gig.  

All of this allows for a casual and fun connection with everyone involved. Your guests will leave brimming with love and inspiration.


Where will the concert be held? 

As the organizer, this is up to you!  It might be in your home or in the home of someone you know. If it works better for you, you may opt for a public space such as a community room, apartment or neighborhood clubhouse, workshop room, lecture hall, theatre, or other rented public spaces. 


How many audience members do you require? 

Ideally, I would like an audience of 20-30, but the bare minimum RSVP five days before the show is 10-15.


What about refreshments? 

I generally leave this up to the host (you!). While not necessary, refreshments can improve the event and attract more people.

Some hosts like to tell guests to BYO (Bring Your Own) and others like to provide snacks.  A good compromise might be a wine and cheese night in which guests can bring wine, cheese, and small desserts to share.  Sometimes a preshow potluck is appropriate. The extent of this is completely up to you. 


What’s your private concert fee? 

I normally charge $1,000 for a private concert ($200 non-refundable deposit at booking and balance due day of show); if you wish your guests to attend at no charge, this is my fee.  But for a private concert host who is committed to promotion, I will waive 80% of the $1,000 fee and secure the date for just a non-refundable $200 deposit.

Depending on circumstances and expected attendance, my hosts usually communicate to their guests a contribution of  $20-$50 per guest and I receive 100% of those sales.

During and after the concert, I require the opportunity to sell my music, merchandise, and other music related services I provide such as mentorship and consulting. I also require the opportunity for audience members to become paid monthly fan club members (via Patreon) if they choose. I will receive 100% of all music, merchandise, and music services sold. 


What perks and/or support do I receive as a host?

First and foremost, I will shower you with love and gratitude, and through this process we’ll get to know each other better.

Second, the month before and the month of your show, you will be invited to my monthly Zoom party, normally only for members of my Patreon community.

Rigby Summer will provide:

• sound system (if needed)

• show poster

• facebook event (with you added as host)

• online ticketing/reservations so your guests can reserve in advance (upon request)

• advance calls to answer questions and support your promotion of the event


What is my role as a host? 

I will be counting on you to organize the event, create a guest list and personally invite your guests, and provide the space. We will work together as a team so you feel supported during the process.  

You should be willing to co-host a Facebook event and encourage your guests to RSVP and reserve their space using my online ticketing (through in the US or showpass in Canada).

You can invite family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. I find it's best to brainstorm a list and intentionally and personally invite, just as you would any other social gathering. Also consider the best dates and times, where people will sit during the concert, how many people will fit in the space provided, parking, etc. 

Once you commit to hosting, we will schedule 1-3 advance calls via phone or zoom during which we will discuss the details and strategize how to make this a meaningful event for your guests.


Thank you for your interest in hosting a private concert!

While there are details to plan, these events are some of the most powerful and meaningful events I perform.

My goal is to co-create a magical and unforgettable evening where your guests walk away inspired and fed and you feel empowered for having blessed your community in a unique way! 

If I've missed any of your questions, go on and complete the form above to send me your additional questions and we will start the conversation.

I can't wait to team up with you to create something magical.

Till then, keep your head up and your heart open...