1. Gibson Guitar

From the recording GEOGRAPHY

Rigby Summer Music
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Written by Nadia Piotrowsky (Rigby Summer) copyright Rigby Summer Music, BMI. All rights reserved.

Produced by Kyle Reid at Naptime Studio, Norman, OK.


All my friends know I’m a sucker for an old Gibson guitar
A gentleman in pearl snaps and a kind heart
I guess that’s why you caught me so off-guard 
I was falling

Do you remember the night we met, how you took my hand? 
We took turns talking too much, we took a chance
And then you let me play that old Gibson guitar

Help me finish this story
Help me write this song
Your tune sounds so familiar
Mind if I sing along
Cause I’m falling 

When I hear your voice I don’t feel so alone
When I close my eyes it’s like we’re almost home
And I can hear you strumming that old Gibson guitar

These two hearts have their story
They are writing this song
Your tune sounds so familiar
I can’t help but sing along
Cause I’ve fallen
I’m falling...