1. Fall

From the recording GEOGRAPHY

Rigby Summer Music
hellothere@rigbysummer.com // www.rigbysummer.com

Written by Nadia Piotrowsky (Rigby Summer) copyright Rigby Summer Music, BMI. All rights reserved.

Produced by Kyle Reid at Naptime Studio, Norman, OK.


Standing on the edge of desire
I don’t know which way’s safe to turn
So sing me a dirge and light the funeral pyre
Every breath makes my soul burn

Cause you put up your wall of silence
To keep the wolves from drawing near
And I use my words to keep a careful distance
We’re both motivated by fear

Won’t you take my hand so we can fall?

I learned long ago to take my heart from off my sleeve
but your gaze cuts right through me
And standing next to you, I feel my words and breath take leave
You’re everything I want to be

So we’re standing on the edge of desire
I still don’ know which way to turn
So sing me your dirge and light that funeral pyre
Every breath makes my soul burn

Till you take my hand and we both fall...